Summer Activities in Ucluelet

The days have finally gotten longer and the summer sun is reaching its warm fingers of light into the streets of Ucluelet. As the town wakes up and shakes off winter, there are a number of activities – all perfect for these long summer days – to add to your Summer To-Do List. Stores are open later, the town is bustling and the outdoors buzzes with sun-kissed energy. One thing is for sure, summer is what we live for here in paradise.


Photo by: Lee Anne


Visit the Ucluelet Aquarium

After releasing its creatures and closing for the winter, the Ucluelet Aquarium is usually first to stir in town. Buckets come out, wetsuits are donned and the collection of its healthy residents begins again. By summer, the ocean creatures are safe and sound in their new homes and the talks and events at the aquarium are in full swing. It makes for a perfect afternoon, especially on the odd rainy day.

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Check out the new Skate Park Addition

Thanks to a Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Grant and Ucluelet’s Resort Municipality Initiative funding, Ucluelet’s quaint, yet poplar skate park received a nice little facelift. With the original bowl still in tact, NewLine Skate Parks Inc. and Transition Construction created a playful street-style addition with a number of features suitable for all skill levels and ages. Even if you don’t skateboard, scooter, or bike, watching others give it a go can be surprisingly fun.


Photo by: Sam Vandervalk


Hike Mount Ozzard

With more clear days breaking on the horizon, hiking Mount Ozzard is the perfect activity. The trail is fairly easy in terms of slope and terrain and the view from up top? Stunning. When the weather is good, the 360-degree panoramic vista takes you straight over Ucluelet, into Barkley Sound and, if you’re lucky, right on over to Wickaninnish Beach. You might even get a tan on the way up.

If Ozzard seems a bit too easy, summer is also the perfect time to head a bit farther out and give 5040 or Triple Peak a shot. Both have fantastic camping spots and make for a perfect overnighter hike in the summer. The lakes are a refreshing perk.

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Sunday Market

Previously the Friday Night Market, getting a taste of “local Ukee” is easily done at the Sunday Market. Since moving to Sunday afternoon, the market has expanded its “Farmer’s Market” feel. It’s a great place to pick up tasty local produce and check out handcrafted goods including jewelry and clothes. The 2017 season runs from June 4 – September 24th.


Photo by: Hella Delicious


Live Music at Ukee Dogs

Another “Summer Only” activity involves Friday nights at a local eatery, Ukee Dogs. Join the crowd for a pint and a dance as different bands take the stage each week. The doors of the shop stand open and people filter in and out as the music floods onto the patio and into the harbour.


Have a Beach Bonfire

Summers were made for beaches and bonfires. Grab some friends, a beater guitar, some marshmallows and some firewood, or just join one that’s already in full swing – Friends that bonfire together, stay together. As the sunset settles into darkness, not only will you spy some stars, but you might also find them reflected into the sand in the form of bioluminescence. There is no better way to finish off a summer’s day well spent.


Photo by: Laurissa Cebryk


Sunset from the Wild Pacific Trail

Running along the west coast, the 8km of the Wild Pacific Trail are littered with benches and lookouts. Lay claim to an empty seat and take in the show. Sunsets in Ucluelet are usually laced with pink and orange, accompanied by the pulse of the ocean – now, it’s warm enough out to enjoy them in full!

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Enjoy an Ice Cream Cone by the Marina

When summer arrives in Ucluelet, so does the ice cream. Both the Gray Whale Deli and Ukee Scoops open up to let you beat the heat with a tasty treat. Grab a cone and head to the marina to enjoy your ice cream with a view.



Outdoor Fitness and Activities

Ucluelet is one giant playground and when summer comes around getting outside to keep fit and expend that extra winter energy is incredibly easy. From kayaking and SUP boarding to running the trails, going salmon fishing, or dropping in for an outdoor fitness class, the town of Ucluelet has it all. Not to mention some great surfing beaches lie just 15 minutes outside of town.

These activities, mostly located within Ucluelet, will be easy to tick off of that summer list. However, many more adventures wait just beyond the town limits in Tofino and beyond! So, take advantage of the sunny days and endless outdoors this summer and explore our Pacific Northwest paradise.


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Contributed by: Laurissa Cebryk