Bird Watchers Finding Tofino from Ucluelet

Bird watchers finding Tofino, 30 mins north of Ucluelet

Having more than a hundred different species of shore, sea and forest birds, among them being stellar jays, great blue herons, rufous hummingbirds and bald eagles, Ucluelet has become a favored location for bird watchers

Bald eagles will be probably the first to spot for the untrained bird watchers. Their nests can be located on the top of the giant cedar and Sitkas trees alongside the coastline and even near some resorts. Bald eagles are monogamous and choose one mate for their life. They only have one nest as well, which they enhance each years, making it very noticeable even from large distances.

The 21 square kilometers of mudflat in Tofino, just thirty minutes away, serve as a habitat for dense coastal rainforest, shallow to deep subtidal areas, gravely and rocky beaches, tidal flats and different streams.

According to RES (Raincoast Education Society) the mudflat found in Tofino are richer in nutrients and are more sheltered than most intertidal estuaries. These secluded and plentiful mudflats make a perfect habitat for many species of birds, ranging from shore to forest. Under these mudflats, many small organisms such as small worms, found an ideal place to live, which in turn makes for an idea food source for birds, both for storing and feeding their young.

If you’re a beginner, there are many bird experts who offer land and sea guided tours, ranging from forest hikes and shore walks to kayak, canoe and boat tours, which will help make the most out of your visit to Ucluelet. The guided tours on Tofino’s protected mudflats, such as the Clayquot Sound, will get you close so you can land and admire many rare species of wonderful birds.

Ucluelet has some mesmerizing views to offer, but if you’d like to see more magnificent birds, then some popular locations that will fit your needs are the Chesterman Beach, Long Beach, Grice Bay and the lookout next to the water treatment plant, located at the end of the Sharp Road. While the beaches are closer to Tofino, they are well worth the drive from Ucluelet.

As you stroll along the coast, you will spot a variety of shore birds and sea birds. Take a trail to the beach, and on the route you will likely encounter many forest birds as well.

During the Autumn and the Spring many migratory birds, while traveling along the Pacific Flyway just between their winter and summer grounds, stop to take a vacation on the beautiful mudflats and beaches of Tofino and Ucluelet. This time of year makes it ideal for visitors to step out the water and gaze at the variety of birds enjoying these fertile grounds. During this times, Sandpipers can be spot while moving in large flocks up and down the beaches.

No matter if you’re really passionate about birds, or just an admirer of these diversity of life, Ucluelet will captivate you with its marvels and secrets. The birds are very captivating by nature, and seeing them so close will evoke some feelings for life that are rarely experienced. While visiting Ucluelet for its mesmerizing views, it is indicated to bring a pair of binoculars, to allow you to see the beauties of this area in a greater detail.

Bird watching in Ucluelet is climbing up the charts of things to do when visiting . With over a hundred different species of forest, shore and sea birds migrating to as well as residing in Ucluelet it is no wonder that people come birding year-round. Bald eagles, steller jays, great blue herons and rufous hummingbirds are just a few to mention of the vast list of beautiful birds found in Ucluelet.

Having more than a hundred different species of shore, sea and forest birds, among them being stellar jays, great blue herons, rufous hummingbirds and bald eagles, Ucluelet and Tofino have become a favored location for bird watchers.