Backpacking the West Coast

Backpacking the West Coast

Backpacking is truly a liberating experience. To leave all the unnecessary objects behind, and only take what’s essential is a simplifying experience and shows how many things you actually need in life to survive. It is a test of endurance also, heading into the mysterious wilderness only with a backpack lets you know how simple the life can be and how free you feel when you actually declutter from all the useless things. This is the way minimalists think also when they try to ‘declutter’.

If you love nature, Ucluelet is one of the best destinations to explore, having mesmerizing sights never seen anywhere else. If you embark on a rugged hiking trail and go through the beautiful, lush green forests of massive old trees, ferns and a wide variety of wildlife, you’re reach the top, where your eyes will be enchanted by ocean panoramic views. Don’t forget to bring a camera.

Ucluelet is very popular amongst day-travelers coming from Washington and for the outdoor enthusiasts who want to get a thrill of adrenaline. Ucluelet enchants many with its beauties combined with a west coast feeling. Backpackers often become enchanted by what this town has to offer—they often stay at hotels very inexpensively.

Backpackers should keep only the essentials in backpack and avoid the clutter. Things like water, first aid kits, firestarters and extra food is a must. If you decide to backpack in the summer, a good sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended, along with some sturdy hiking books coupled with some high quality wool socks to protect your feet from blisters and to keep them warm and dry. A smart move would be to purchase a map of the area, along with a compass from the local tour guide. If you decide to heading out, it would be wise to let someone know in case something happens during your trek.

The outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the abundant hiking trails available, which will lead to the most mesmerizing views of beaches located along the rough shoreline of BC west coast. Surrounded by jagged rocks, giant proud trees, and inspiring views of the open blue sky will inspire your artist within! The view atop the mountains are truly awe-inspiring and it will be worth the effort.

Hiking in Ucluelet appeal to many due to the beautiful sights encountered along. The beaches found near Ucluelet shores are blessed with intertidal and aquatic sea life.

After a long day of exploring Ucluelet, rest next to a campfire at your campsite or on a secluded beach. During the summer, the days are much longer, allowing for a perfect ending of a long, hiking day.

Lay near the warm fireplace and listen as the waves roll in an out, in addition to the sound of crackling fire accompanied with the perfect view of open skies.

The diverse wildlife In Ucluelet is attracting backpackers from throughout the world. These lovely native animals, such as black bears, whales, bald eagles, and hundredths of different species enchant everyone. In addition to that, the lovely trails appeal to people of all fitness levels, allowing you to explore mountains, forests and beaches while offering breathtaking views.