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The Pacific Rim Whale Festival – 31 Years of Celebration

Walking along the Artist Loop of the Wild Pacific over the weekend, I was stopped by a couple that seemed as though they could hardly contain their excitement. “Did you see them? There are whales just off on the horizon!” I hadn’t seen them and, as the couple mentioned, they seemed to be moving the […]

Top 5 Ucluelet Sunset Spots

Considering the sun sets in the West, it’s easy to imagine that the farthest west coast of Vancouver Island must have some stunning sunsets grace its shores. Better yet, the rugged outcrops that make up the edge of Ucluelet provide the perfect perches to kick back and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest.

5 Reasons to Finally Ascend Mount Ozzard

If you’ve ever been to Ucluelet, you’ve no doubt noticed it looming above the harbour from afar: Mount Ozzard. Many have seen it every single day, and yet few have been motivated to gear up to get to the top. Those that have, however, can confirm it’s well worth it. Here’s five reasons to get […]

An Experience on the Wild Pacific Trail

As someone who grew up next to a forested nature park near Courtenay on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, it was pretty much a given that I would become an avid trail runner. None of that non-sense, jogging on the spot staring at a TV screen of some awful, daytime talk show at the […]